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MOVA 6 Inch Political Antique-Ocean Rotating GlobeMOVA 6 Inch Political Antique-Ocean Rotating Globe
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  • MOVA 6 Inch Political Antique-Ocean Rotating Globe
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MOVA 6 Inch Political Antique-Ocean Rotating Globe

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Quick Overview

  • Spinning Political Antique-Ocean Globe.
  • Desktop Model, Clear Acrylic Modern-Styled Base.
  • Requires Only Light to Turn, No Cords or Batteries.
  • 6 Inch Diameter, Antique-Ocean Sphere.
  • 9.5”H X 6”W X 6”D; Weight: 6 Lbs.

The MOVA 6 Inch Political Antique-Ocean Rotating Globe is styled after vintage maps. The oceans are parchment colored, with specs of orange interspersed to fit the classic style. The soft earth-toned shades of the nations are highlighted by boldly colored borders on this contemporary political map. The delicate lettering on this MOVA globe evokes a nostalgic feeling for antique maps. Despite the rotating globe’s vintage style however, the political map is entirely contemporary, making it an informative wonder along with a stunning decorative model.

This world globe contrasts its throwback aesthetic with modern, eco-friendly technology. Doing away with the need for batteries or power cords, this MOVA desktop globe only needs ambient to revolve. The internal solar cells within the sphere’s core power its movements, activated by artificial and natural light. Experience a peaceful feeling while being captivated by the slowly and steady independent rotations of the world globe. This spinning desktop globe is 6 inches in diameter but stands 9.5 inches high on MOVA’s clear three pronged acrylic base. However, a crystal and natural wood stand are also available for the 6 inch model. All bases are displayed in the photos above and can be chosen from the drop down menu.

  1. Antique style, modern technology Review by Spencer
    Product's Overall Rating

    Great combination of a classic style map and contemporary solar power technology--great model! (Posted on 2/21/2014)

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How the MOVA Globe Works?

The MOVA Rotating Globe uses solar energy and the magnetism of Earth to power its smooth rotations. The solar cells within the unit create the globe’s slow and quiet movements from available room light, which means that it does not require batteries or power cords. MOVA took inspiration from Earth’s movements when designing these innovative products.

The MOVA globe is made up of an inner sphere that spins, surrounded by an outer shell that does not move. Between the two spheres is a crystal clear liquid that supports the inner globe in a nearly frictionless environment. The perfectly safe liquid keeps the two globes from ever touching, even at its north and south poles. The graphics of the map are printed on the inner sphere. The liquid separating the two objects magnifies the map onto the transparent outer shell.

A highly advanced drive mechanism within the globe propels its movements, operating on very low power. The mechanism is powered by the device’s solar cells, which use both natural and artificial light from the surrounding environment to create electrical energy. As most ambient light is blocked by the sphere, the solar cells have been carefully designed to produce low electrical energy from minimal light.

Still, another element is needed for the inner globe to rotate, as it rests in a virtually frictionless liquid. Like a compass, MOVA globes use the Earth’s magnetic field to provide torque for the inner sphere to push against, resulting in its slow but sustained motion. The models will work on almost any base as long as it does not contain iron, which can block Earth’s magnetic field.

The sleek, contemporary design of the MOVA Rotating Globe, combined with its innovative craftsmanship, make it a serene and stylish addition to a room. With its peaceful motion, the MOVA globe is a silent object of wonder on any surface.

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